For Slave “Disappointing” is Worst Punishment



Timothy Knight, 41, describes himself as a “slave wired” man with a true “slave heart.”  So it upsets him greatly when he disappoints his Master, Geoff McGovern, 35.

“It breaks my slave heart to see anything but a smile on his face,” Knight said.  “I love to serve and I love to make him happy, so when he is disappointed in me it is devastating.”

Discipline, punishment, and following commands are all “expected in the life of a slave,” he told The Daily Flogger.  It is the emotional side of things he wasn’t prepared for.

“After three years of never knowing whether I was going to measure up emotionally, I came up with a simple solution,” explained Knight.  “I have devised a cocktail of valium, antidepressants, and thorazine that I slip into Master’s coffee every morning.  Now nothing I ever do disappoints him.  It is all ‘just fine.'”

One of the side effects of the pharmaceutical solution is McGovern’s inability to get or maintain an erection.

“So now he is the one who is constantly disappointing me,” said Knight.  “I guess I kinda turned the tables on him.”

McGovern just smiled and told The Daily Flogger he felt “good, you know, relaxed.”

 photo credit: artist in doing nothing cc

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