Sexual Freedom Group Supports All Kinks But One



At a press in Winslow, Sarah West, spokesperson and founder of the National Sexual Freedom Federation (NSFF) was asked about the group’s support for kink and fetish activities.

“We support all kinks and fetishes,” West told the assembled press, “except one.”

When pressed for details, West initially declined to comment saying “it should be obvious.”

After reporters refused to continue until West clarified, she offered this comment:

“Figging, alright?  Figging.  When someone takes a piece of ginger and cuts it into the shape of a butt plug and puts it in your ass.”  At this point West was glaring across the room at a man later identified as her partner and dominant.

“It burns, OK?  Like a motherfucker and then when you are crying and begging to have him take it out and all he can say is “you’ve been a bad bad girl” and “you need to be punished” and you feel like your ass is on fire.  People can do whatever, but I am not going to support that!  Not ever again.”

West refused to comment as to whether or not she had indeed been a “bad girl” and deserved her punishment.

“What kind of a sick mind comes up with that anyway?   ‘Hey this is a nice piece of ginger, I think I will stick it up my slave’s ass as a punishment.’  Seriously?” West complained.

Trey McGoogle, a board member and treasurer for the NSFF told The Daily Flogger not to take the prohibition on figging too seriously.  “Sarah had a bad night,” he explained, “and is a little sensitive right now.  We’ll bring up the figging issue next month when she has calmed down a bit.”

McGoogle expects the NSFF to be back to its original mission of supporting all kinks and fetishes in the near future.  “It really is just a case of bad timing and a scorched asshole.  But truth be told, there are days when I wouldn’t mind giving her a good figging myself.  She can be ahandful.”

photo credit: US Mission Geneva cc

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