Rope Conference Draws Criticism



Organizers of this year’s largest rope conference, RopeFest, are coming under fire today after holding their annual conference.

Many attendees were very vocal in their complaints. While all agreed the was beautiful, many complained that it “took too long and was way too complicated.”

going should be fun and easy. I don’t like that I had to learn a bunch of terms and history before going to classes. What the hell is ‘active listening’ anyway?” asked rope enthusiast Tim King, 43.

“For some reason I feel like I really get the while I am there, but when I go home and try to remember the conference I can’t,” said rope bottom Candy McCree, 26.

“It seemed like a lot of the people there were more interested in arguing about the word ‘conference’ and how to pronounce it and its origin than actually teaching anything,” said Rob Montgomery, 27, a first time goer.

Nawashi Rupert, one of the organizers of RopeFest, defended the event, telling The Daily Flogger that “we spent a lot of time and money learning from famous conference organizers. Our conference is the right way to do conferences, unlike every other event out there.”

A few people refused to go to the event. Mary von Schlosse, 26, had an issue with the name. “I’m German and this is clearly a bunch of American’s trying to sound like Octoberfest. RopeFest? What the hell is that? It’s nothing but cultural appropriation. You can’t understand what it means to be German if you haven’t started two world wars.”

RopeMan Rob, 29, defended the event, saying “This really is the only actual ‘conference.’ If you listen to these guys they can trace their conference all the way back to meetings from the 1800s. I have no issue with anyone else holding events, I just wish they wouldn’t call them ‘conferences.'”

Photo credit: Michael Cardus

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