Research Shows Spanking Unrelated to Attitude Adjustment



A new report from the Institute for Domestic Discipline has revealed that spanking may be an ineffective means for “attitude adjustment” in adults.

According to William Sykes, principal investigator for the study, the effects of spankings are at best “short term and in some cases may actually have the opposite effect from what was intended.”

The study was conducted with three women who had attitudes that Sykes described as “willful, bratty, and selfish” who received spankings for “misbehavior, being mouthy, and foul language.”

In all three cases, Sykes found the behavior returning almost immediately after discipline sessions, often times growing worse with time.

“It was like the spankings never even happened,” said Sykes. “It has gotten to the point where I need to spank them several times a day.”

Sykes is unable to explain his research findings that this time. “It seems like some days they are just provoking me.”

Sykes plans to continue the research, focusing on what he calls “corner time” and using a variety of different implements.

One of the research subjects, Christy, 19, told The Daily Flogger that “deep down she really is a good girl” and that she “just needs a firm hand and lots and lots of correction to keep her in line.”

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