In Post-9/11 World TSA Play is New Fad



According to local dungeon-goers, San Francisco dungeons have seen a dramatic increase in “TSA Play” where dominants, dressed as airport security workers seach, berate, harass, and search their partners. Made possible, in large part, by the new availability of hand-held metal detectors or “bitch wands” as they are called in the scene, on an average night as many as half of dungeon participants can be seen engaging in the new and popular fetish.

“It starts with orders. Remove your shoes. Take off that belt. Keys and wallet in the tray. That sort of thing,” Mistress Karen Kropp told The Daily Flogger.   “Then it can go in all sorts of directions from pat downs to full body cavity searches.  There is always lots of verbal abuse and it helps if you do it slowly, take a lot of unnecessary breaks and look bored and put out the whole time.”

Slave Mike explained, “I don’t get to travel much anymore, so this makes me feel like I am at the airport. Plus the uniforms are hot.”

Others, like slave cassandra, like the feeling of being invaded by “those creepy blue gloves.”

Master Dragon got the idea after being patted down quite aggressively by a TSA agent on a trip to Boston.  “He was all in my junk, you know, fondling and grabbing.  When I complained, he called me a bitch and threatened to have me arrested.  It reminded me a lot of how I am with my slave.”

From that point on Master Dragon started gathering gear and clothing to resemble a TSA agent and started interrogating his slave in public much the way the TSA officer had treated him.

“I guess I was using my BDSM life to work through the experience.  Taking something invasive and degrading and making it invasive and degrading, but in a good way.”

The play style may be having unintended consequences as Miguel Farmer, a 20 year TSA veteran told us, “We have people coming through the line now requesting pat downs and even cavity searches.  They want to select their agent.  We have to tell them it doesn’t work that way.”

“One guy came up to me and asked if I would tell Crystal, who is a very attractive screener, that he was hiding contraband and she wouldn’t be able to find it no matter how hard she looked or how much she tortured him,” Miguel reported.

According to TSA records, Crystal Jones performed a 6 hour interrogation but found no evidence of wrong doing.  David King, 47, the victim of the interrogation has been placed on a “no fly” list but was happy to have had the experience.  “She’s really good at her job,” he told reporters, “now if we can just get her to come to the dungeon on a Saturday night.”

The trend seems to be catching on and some dungeons are even talking about replacing St. Andrew’s crosses with X-ray machines and metal detectors.

Photo credit: Matthew Olivolo cc: by sa

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