Oxford English Dictionary Declares “Dominate” a Noun



Winston P. Delacroix, editor and publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, stunned the linguistic community this morning with an announcement that as of 2015, the OED will have a listing for the word “dominate” as a noun.

“We give up,” Delacroix said.  “So many people in the BDSM and kink community have been misusing the word for so long that we can no longer sit back and ignore it.”

Board members at the OED have tried campaigns of public awareness, issuing cease and desist letters, and even threatening violence, but nothing seemed to have an effect.

“It turns out,” said Delacroix, “it is just easier to change the language than it is to get people to speak correctly.  It had become intolerable to all of us and we felt this was our only recourse.”

When asked about other pending changes, the editor was tight-lipped.  “All I can tell you is the pronunciation for domme will remain ‘dom’ not ‘dom may.’  We won’t budge on that one.  Ever.  Women don’t have ‘blond day’ hair and you don’t eat ice cream from a ‘cone nay.’  We have to draw the line somewhere.”

Fetlife user, MasterOfYou4Ever told The Daily Flogger, “See.  Told ya.”  The 24 year old self-described “dominate male” is celebrating the victory tonight with friends, signaling the end of what has been for him a long and hard fought battle.

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