On Internet Everything is Not as it Seems


Fake Profile Revealed; Deception Damages Innocent Victims


A Tuscon, AZ man had a rude awakening when he found out the person he had been corresponding with for nearly 7 months online was not reality TV star Kim Kardashian, but instead a 54 year old man named Walter Fernsworth.

Jacob Wentwether, a lifelong resident of Tuscon and avid “online dater” was lured in by Fernsworth based on a picture posted on the popular kink/fetish website FetLife.  The picture, a “selfie” of Kardashian, was added to Fernsworth’s profile “ImASexySexKitten” in July of last year with the caption “Selfie!”

It was based on that picture and the misleading caption that the 19 year old Wentwether decided to make contact.  “She was, like, you know, hot and stuff and I saw her on TV and stuff like a lot you know.”

Wentwether flew to Los Angeles to meet the ersatz Kardashian only to find disappointment and heartbreak.

“Online, you know, we had so much in common.  You know?  But it turns out that she is really a dude and a pretty ugly dude at that.”

Fernsworth seemed amused by the incident.  “That is like the fifth guy who flew out here to meet me thinking I was Kim Kardashian.  What kind of an idiot does that?  I mean what the fuck, right?  I do it just to see the look on the guy’s face.  Priceless.”

Sometimes, however, it is Fernsworth who gets pranked.  Last year, he was startled to find that his victim was not an unsuspecting young man named BigCock4WetHole, but, instead, a beautiful blond female fetish model who goes online pretending to be a clueless, wannabe teenage male.  “She was so hot,” he reminisced, “but when I asked her to stay for a drink, she wrinkled her nose and just said ‘Ewww.’  It was humbling, but not enough to make me stop or anything.”

We spoke to Kardashian, on location, during a filming break for her reality TV show.  “Some people say that picture makes me look fat.  I don’t think I look fat.  Do you?  I mean I am not fat.  That picture doesn’t make me look fat.”

She did not know either Wentwether or Fernsworth, but said she was flattered that someone on the Internet would pretend to be her.  “It is hard to be famous,” she lamented, “because people steal your pictures and call you fat.”

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