Old Pranks Work on TNG Crowd



Prankster Colby Urquist, 48, is old enough to remember some of the more popular T-shirts and pranks from the 1970s and has found a new audience in the BDSM TNG crowd.

This weekend, Urquist set him up as the “Official Boob Inspector” at Montana’s largest fetish, BDSM and kink event, the Montana Fetish Fair.

Event organizers were not impressed and posted signs indicating that this year’s event had no “Official Boob Inspector.”  Still, Urquist’s ploy was mostly successful.

Kimber P, 18, said she “wasn’t sure if she could even come into the event unless she was officially inspected.”  The young was also happy to take advantage of Urquist’s other fundraising opportunity, a sign which read: Moustache Rides 5 cents.

“I’d never had one of those before and for only a nickle, I think I got a really great deal,” Kimber told The Daily Flogger.

Photo credit: Austin Appel CC: NC SA

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