Man Tortures Submissive With Puns For Eight Hours



Kate Uriquez, a 26 year old submissive, though her master and owner, Henry Lowe, 47, was going to subject her to what he called his trademarked “Pun”ishment.

What followed was an eight hour marathon of the wordsmith assaulting his slave with verbal puns.

“Sure,” Uriquez said, “it was fun at first, I was even laughing. But an hour into it, it started to kind of freak me out. Now I am not even comfortable using language at all. Words can be really dangerous things.”

Lowe, for his part, found the day of punning both fun and challenging.

“The puns come easy at first, but after a while it gets complicated, difficult. It really helps to know Latin and some Greek roots to words.”

Those watching the scene would respond with groans and some laugher from time to time.

“I think we were all feeling a bit tortured,” said Greely Smith, a 28 year old switch. “Everybody was just waiting to see how long her could maintain it.”

“The big difference between the audience and Kate was that we could leave at anytime,” Fred Kiltz, a 30 year old commented, “Poor Kate was tied to a chair.”

“I am not sure how she got roped into this,” Klitz said expressing some mild horror. “See! It is contagious. We are all doing it now.”

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