Man Skeptical He Is Getting “Full Story” in Relationship Breakup



Julius Carter, a 43 year old male switch from Casper is skeptical this morning that he getting the full story of AzRopeGrll’s breakup after reading her posting on the popular fetish website Fetlife.  In the extensive post detailing her split from MasterOfShibari, the 22 year old rope bottom and self-described “rope masochist” says some things that for Carter “just don’t add up.”

“I read the post several times and I just have to ask, if he really did do the things she says, why did she stay with him for almost 3 years?  Doesn’t make sense to me.  I think we may only be hearing one side of this story.”

Margaret Smythe-Harrington, researcher at Oxford University’s Center for the Study of Internet Relationships, told The Daily Flogger this kind of behavior is not uncommon.  “When people leave relationships, especially under less than ideal circumstances, they can use the internet to lash out and sometimes they will exaggerate and not give all the pertinent details.”  In her 5 year study of online break up messages, Smythe-Harrington’s research reveals that “people rarely give a balanced and sober assessment of the relationship or their part in it dissolving.”

“Unless we hear from MasterOfShibari, I don’t think we will ever know all the details,” Carter said.  “According to his profile he is almost twice her age.  I wonder if that was part of the problem.  A 40 year old with a 22 year old?  That never works.”

Carter describes himself as something of an expert on these kinds of break ups.  “I read them a lot and try to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth.  I don’t know any of these people, but it is really fun to vicariously enjoy their emotional pain and see the dark underbelly of their relationship exposed so publicly.”

Even though he has never met the couple, Carter says he thinks he has a “pretty good idea of what happened.”  He can’t help but speculate that the problem was sexual.  “Maybe she wasn’t, you know, pleasing him enough sexually.  She doesn’t really talk about that.  Was the sex good?  I’d like to see a post about that.”


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