Man Buys Custom Flogger to Deal with Mid-Life Crisis



Fredrick Ting just celebrated his 45th birthday and found himself lost, alone, and conflicted about the direction his life had been headed in. The only thing that made him “want to get out of the bed in the morning” was his lifelong love of flogging.

“I knew just the thing,” said friend and play partner Greta Van Hoot, 48. “I hooked him up with my friend Master Zane, who has been making custom floggers since 1987. I knew it would be the perfect thing.”

Zane designed a custom flogger, based on Ting’s height, weight, and love of black and rhinestones.

“It wasn’t cheap, but now every day I can look at that flogger and feel better about myself,” says Ting.

Ting, who also bought a new Porsche and divorced his wife of 18 years to “hook up with an 19 year old Hooter’s waitress” says that it is a time of change for him. “There have been a lot of new developments, but it was the flogger that brought it all together. I love that thing, man.”

Photo credit: Frankie Panky CC: NC SA

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