Man Banned from Tokyo SM Club



An unnamed, but “famous” rigger from America has been black balled from the Tokyo SM scene after entering one of the more popular “happening bars” and attempting to speak Japanese.

It is unclear if the error was a result of mispronunciation or simply a bad translation, but the New York based nawashi introduced himself to the bar owner as a “large piece of fatty tuna” and then proceeded to tell the club owner he was “a small piece of shit” who was “incapable of maintaining an erection unless he was fondled by a little boy.”

Miyaki Fujimoto told¬†The Daily Flogger that these kind of intercultural snafus are not uncommon. ¬†“The person’s name did sound like a lot like O-toro,” Fujimoto said, “and there is just one syllable difference between ‘it is a pleasure to meet you and an honor to visit your bar’ and ‘you get handjobs from little boys you piece of shit.'”

The bar owner could not be reached for comment and the rigger in question is now in seclusion in a small hotel in Shinjuku.

Photo Credit: Ippei & Janine Naoi CC: by nc

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