Male Slave Hires Top Law Firm to Renegotiate Contract; Gets 3 Year Extension



Kevin O’Rourke is feeling “on top of the world” this morning after almost a week of contract negotiations are finally at an end.  O’Rourke signed the contract this morning with Mistress Mallory, once again making him her “property and slave.”

Things got tense when O’Rourke brought in attorneys from the high powered Denver law firm Jones, Williams, and Associates, one of Denver’s best known firms for handling prenuptial agreements and divorces.

Martin Jones, partner and principle negotiator said he had never seen a contract that was so one-sided.  “There is no way around it, this guy was just not being treated fairly.”  Some of the sticking points for O’Rourke had to do with issues of orgasm denial and chastity, severity of punishments, and open ended areas where according to Jones, “Ms. Mallory could just add things or alter the agreement as she saw fit.  Our job is to protect Mr. O’Rourke against such flagrant abuses in written agreements.”

O’Rourke’s lawyers were able to get many of the punishments reduced and some eliminated.  There were some points that the Mistress was not willing to bend on.

“There was just no way I was giving up control over the orgasms.  That is a personal fetish of mine,” Mistress Mallory told The Daily Flogger, “I probably ended up giving in more than I should have, but I needed complete control of his cock and balls.”

As a result, Mistress Mallory will no longer be able to use what O’Rourke called “that awful paddle with the holes in it” or any form of nipple clamps.

Attorney Jones found Mistress Mallory, “reasonable for the most part and an extremely sexy woman.  Kevin is a lucky guy.”

O’Rourke is feeling especially lucky, because the original agreement was only a one year contract.  His team of legal advocates managed to get a three year extension.  “She was only really looking for a year, but I’m in it for the long haul and I really was hoping for five years.  Settling on three seemed like a good compromise.”



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