Lonely at night? Host your own party!



DomCo, the world’s premier supplier of BDSM equipment, clothing and accessories is taking a page out of the MLM playbook.

Remember those wonderful plastic containers parties of the seventies? Or, what about the overpriced dinnerware and pan parties of the eighties? How about the adult toy nights that your girlfriend was always throwing?

Well, it’s 2014 and you now you have the perfect party to host for all your friends.

The Pity Party!

Just invite all your sub and slave friends for an evening of laughs, discovery and tears. Mainly tears. In fact, lots of tears. Swap stories of hatred and betrayal while checking out the latest products from DomCo, the world leaders in fine BDSM equipment and apparel.

For every order placed at your very own Pity Party, you will receive credit to purchase your own clothing and equipment. Why be at home alone and un-owned? Turn your own personal misery into a Pity Party and get that new outfit you’ve been wanting. For free!!

But wait! There’s more! Each month, the top seller in every region will be entered into a drawing with a chance to win DomCo’s latest product; The Self Cager!

Constructed of the finest materials, powder coated in your favorite color, the “Self Cager” is the long awaited answer to the age-old question; “How do I get caged if I have no Owner?” With its patented internal locking mechanism, you can climb right in, lock yourself up, and throw away the key.

Disclaimer: DomCo does not recommend throwing the key away.

So, what are you waiting for?

Finish up watching those Dr Who reruns, get on the phone to your friends, and be the first in your town to host a Pity Party.

Photo credit: Felicia Boots cc: by nc sa

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