Latex Fetish Couple Celebrate 10th Anniversary; Still Don’t Know What Each Other Look Like



A London couple, Marty and Mary Jennings are celebrating 10 years of marriage and a deep and abiding love of latex outfits hoods and masks, so much so that the couple who met a latex fetish convention, have never actually seen each other’s real faces.

“Nope,” Mary told us, “I couldn’t pick him out of a line up.  If he is wearing a hood or a nice DeMask latex mask, then sure.  I’d know his contours anywhere.  But actual skin?  Not a chance.”

Marty, for his part, says he likes it this way.  “She looks great in latex and who knows what I might find underneath?”

The couple said it can be a challenge to wear latex 24 hours a day, but they manage.  “It is really bad in the summer, when it gets hot out,” Mary told The Daily Flogger, “but we have a cooling ritual involving ice cubes, a small fan, and a few gallons of silicon based lubricant.  It works for us, and in the end, that is all that really matters.”

For Marty, the biggest hardship is the expense.  “Latex isn’t cheap,” he lamented.  “But when you love something, you don’t mind working a little bit harder to make it all happen.”

Marty, a barrister in his daily life, has told the court and people he works with that he has a rare skin condition that requires a special outfit to protect not only himself, but those around him.  “They keep their distance and don’t ask too many questions,” he told us.

Mary works as a store mannequin in a latex and fetish shop.  “Holding still for 8 hours can be a challenge,” she says, “but the pay is great and I get to do what I love.”

“We look like latex,” Mary said, “and that is how we have always seen each other.”

photo credit: Alain-Christian cc

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