Flogging Away: Happy Six Months!


To all our readers, writers, editors, and supporters, we at The Daily Flogger would like to say thank you for your help, support, laughter, posts, and tweets.

We have steadily grown over our first six months, averaging about 40,000 stories read on The Flogger every month.

Our goal has been to put a smile on your face and add a little humor to what can often be an all too serious and self-indulgent lifestyle.

If you like what we do, tell your friends!  Facebook share, tweet, like, whatever you can do to spread the word.  We are advertising free and exist solely on the donations of our users.

We always intend to keep the site free and funny, unless, of course, someone comes along and offers us a ridiculous amount of money for it, in which case we will sell it immediately and spend a few weeks on a beach somewhere getting drunk and having tons of hot BDSM sex.


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