Fetish Models Prank Local BDSMers



Two local New Mexico fetish models had some fun at the expense of local BDSM male doms.  The models, who go by the names “Always Willing,” 19 and “Latex Lucy,” 22, overheard two male doms bragging to each other about their conquest of multiple female submissives.

According to Latex Lucy, “they were so full of themselves we thought it might be fun to blow their little male dom minds.  We had just come off a shoot where we had these maid costumes, so we thought it would be fun to act all and bring them a couple of beers, just to see their reaction.”

“Just as we suspected,” Always Willing told The Daily Flogger, “when they were actually approached by a hot female they totally froze up.  They had no idea what to say or do.”

The two models started kissing and fondling each other and making out in front of the hapless male doms.

“Their reaction was priceless.  We really need to do this more often,” Latex Lucy added, “one of them had a kink.com website open on their laptop.  That is probably the closest either of them will ever get to a real BDSM scene.”

photo credit: GreggFuller cc

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