Fetish Council Sets New Standards



Leaders of the National Fetish Council agreed to meet in response to community concerns that the world of fetish was being degraded by various stage acts, events labeled as “fetish balls” and things that we not really fetishes being presented as such.

“Since 1912, we have had a very strict definition of what constitutes a fetish,” said kinkster Paul D’Illio, 47.   “People today just don’t get it.”

The council refused to specify a list of acceptable fetishes, but did rule that “hot chicks doing weird stuff together” did not qualify as “fetish” nor did “dressing up in costumes,” unless that act produced “a feeling of sexual excitement, arousal, or gratification in the wearer.”

Martin Frick, 63, the oldest member of the council compared what is happening today to the phenomenon of mud wrestling in the 1980s.  “We were quick to disassociate ourselves from that and I think it served us well.  If we don’t do the same now with all these so called fetish parties and balls, we are going to lose a sense of what makes a fetish special, which mostly involves masturbation.”

D’Illio agreed, “I got thrown out of the Fetish Ball for masturbating.  Mr. Frick couldn’t be more correct.  Besides she had really nice feet.”

Photo credit: Joe Abbruscato CC: NC

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