Dungeon Dress Code Rattles Old Timer



For the first time in its 20 year history, The Slave Pit, has enforced its “dress code” policy, leaving long time dungeon member Marty Stoles feeling angry and excluded.

“We had to put out foot down when he showed up to our formal event in flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt. It has been getting progressively worse over the years. Until recently the guy at least made an effort, but this was just too much,” said party organizer Master Clem Hobbie.

“I guess I had been slacking a little,” said Stoles, “but it has never been an issue. I like to be comfortable and these shorts give me easy access to my junk so I can pleasure myself while I watch other people play.”

The decision to eject Stoles from the party left some feeling outraged, but was widely supported by most members of the dungeon. Mistress Margaret Hildebrant, 32, said “it is about fucking time.”

Master Clem told The Daily Flogger that “He is a nice enough guy but he doesn’t really add much to the space. He mostly just sits in the corner and jerks off.”

Photo credit: rochelle hartman

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