Dominant Man “Just Can’t Flog Like He Used To”



Jerry Cubbins, 57, says he just can’t flog like he used to anymore.  “When I was in my twenties, it was all I could think about.  A pretty girl walked by and I would think about her cuffed to a cross, back exposed, and start mentally picking out which of my 200 hundred floggers I would use.”

Something has changed lately for the Beantown flogger.  Finding he no longer has as much energy or enthusiasm, Cubbins told The Daily Flogger, that it is “a little demoralizing” but he isn’t sure what to do.

“It’s not uncommon,” said Marsha Speck, MD, who specializes in Male BDSM dysfunctions.  “As men get older they find it difficult sometimes to flog like they once did.  It is just a part of getting older.  The floggers start to feel heavier, less responsive.  Men are at their flogging peak in their twenties, but as they age their interest and ability wanes.”

Cubbins has found that to be the case.  “I used to be able to flog all night.  Sometimes I’d flog two, three, four women.  Now if I can get through a warmup and a few quick florentine patterns, I consider it a good night.”

Slave Gina, Cubbin’s long time partner, has found it difficult as well.  “He used to flog me every night.  Sometimes twice a day.  Now if I get it once a month, I consider that a lot.”

Infrequency of flogging is a common, but little discussed problem in relationships, says Dr. Speck.  “People don’t realize the strain a lack of flogging can have on a D/s relationship.”

Photo credit: Beverly Yuen cc: by nc

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