Dominant Man Diagnosed with “Flogger Envy”



Master Yanni Fangoss, 47, appears to be the first male dominant to be diagnosed with a case of “Flogger Envy” a brand new condition added to the latest edition of the DSM, which categorizes various mental health conditions.

According to Fangoss, his “obsession with other people’s toy bags and his constant need to compare his equipment to that of other dominant men” has been interfering with his work, life, and social relationships.

The treatment, according to psychologist Helen B. Schmidt, is a combination of talk therapy as well as CBT.  “Usually,” Schmidt explained, “CBT refers to cognitive behavioral therapy, but in the case, it means cock and ball torture.  We show him pictures of floggers and whips that are better than his and when he reacts negatively, we shock his balls.”

The revolutionary technique is consider to be experimental.  Schmidt admits it is “therapeutically questionable, but a hell of a lot of fun.”

Fangoss says he has been making progress and no longer compulsively shops for toys online and at BDSM conventions.

“My desire to buy stuff has been replaced by a tic in my left eye and a compulsion to protect my balls whenever I see a really nice flogger,” says the 47 year old Master and top.

Photo credit: Frank Carroll CC: NC SA

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