DomCo Introduces “Impossible Flogger”


In keeping with the times, DomCo has released it’s latest line of plant-based products that mimic the look and feel of leather. Deemed “The Impossible Flogger,” BDSM aficionados have been quick to embrace the new products.

Jenna Unquess, a 19 year old describe the sensation. “You can’t even tell you are being hit by a plant. I mean, it feels like a cow. Or an elk. Or whatever you make floggers out of.”

For Master Hiram Welk, 39, the feeling is very close to the original. “A buddy of mine gave me one to try out without telling me. It was a little lighter than my other floggers, but it moved and struck with just as much force and accuracy.”

Others remain skeptical. For Mistress H, 22, the idea of a plant-based flogger is not something she can easily accept. “If I wanted to do plant-based shit, I’d be one of those rope people. I like leather. I don’t hit people with plants.”

In a blind test for The Daily Flogger, only one in five Dominants could tell the difference between the Impossible Flogger and its counterpart.

For some, however, the idea of abandoning is something they aren’t quite ready to do. “It has always been about leather for me,” said Kevin DuPont, a 44 year old switch, “so I think they got the name right. The thought of me using one of those plant floggers, well, yeah, it’s impossible.”

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