Dayton Man Named “Dungeon Troll of the Year”



Kevin Krisp, 57, has been awarded the title of Dungeon Troll for 2014 for his work in several Ohio dungeons. Krisp, who identifies as a switch, is a well known fixture in most local play spaces, particularly for his signature move of poking his head inappropriately close to a scene whenever there is a naked woman.

The move Krisp has made famous consists of moving into a scene’s space and placing his head just over the shoulder of the dominant in order to get the best view of a naked woman’s vagina.

“He’s a real pain in the ass at first,” said slave Tina, “but after a while if he isn’t watching your scene and invading your space you start to wonder if you are doing something wrong or if maybe your vagina isn’t worth perving.”

Many dominants feel the same way. “He’s kind of a fixture and you get used to looking up and seeing those bug eyes looking at your girl and his mouth hanging open. When he isn’t there, I kind of miss it,” Master JJ told The Daily Flogger.

There are play spaces Krisp is banned from as well. Tracy Jones, owner of The Inferno, says they don’t permit dungeon trolls in their play space, but is now considering making an exception for Krisp. “He’s clearly the best and we pride ourselves on quality. We’re going to reach out and see if we can work something out,” the dungeon owner said.

Krisp, who in twenty years has never had a single scene, remains philosophical. “I just really like pussy.”

Photo credit: Héctor García CC: NC SA

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