Cuckold Sabotages Birth Control; “Serves Bitch Right”



Slave Jonny Brick, 47, has been cuckolded by his mistress of 5 years, Donna Dolby, 28. “She has sex with lots of different guys and makes me watch,” says Brick. “And frankly I just got a little sick of it.”

In retaliation, the slave replaced her birth control pills with breath mints.

“I got the idea when I noticed the mints I like have almost identical packaging to her contraception. So I just switched them up. Serves her right for treating me this way.”

Dominatrix Donna has been unaware of the switch for the past 3 months, but has noticed a change in her submissive’s response to her sexual escapades.

“He used to get all humiliated and hurt when I fucked other guys in front of him, now he just smiles and laughs to himself.  I’m not sure what’s changed, but he seems to be enjoying it a whole lot more.”

According to Dolby, that isn’t the only change.  She also reports having odd cravings for food and unusual bouts of nausea in the mornings.

Photo credit: Nate Grigg

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