CDC Recruits Medical Play Tops for Vaccination Centers



Recruiters from the Center for Disease Control, facing numerous problems with the national vaccine rollout, have begun posting ads on popular fetish social media, seeking to recruit anyone with medical expertise, especially those with a fetish for “needle play.”

According to Dr. Cecil Yuth, a researcher at the CDC, “people in the kink community tend to know a lot about safety, hygiene, and sterilization procedures, so we know they will be excellent at administering vaccine shots.”

Unfortunately, some of the resulting interactions have been less than positive.  According to Sally Quinn, a 24 year old RN and front line worker, “I was happy to get the vaccine and all but it was really disconcerting that the person administering it kept saying ‘I bet you like that, don’t you bitch?’  He also seemed to have an erection, which was troubling.”

Master Kevin, a 40 year old Dominant and self-described “medical play fetishist” said he was having the time of his life.  “I get to do needle play, pretty much nonstop and they are actually paying me for it.  The only down side is I don’t get to choose my partners.  I usually only do needle play with really women.”

Mistress Revina, a 35 year old professional Domme, showed up to the vaccination center in a full latex nurse costume, including 6″ stiletto heels and a latex surgical mask.  She was asked to change into something more appropriate.

While some of the “kinks” still need to be resolved, Yuth has called the program a great success and is happy to have members of the kink and fetish community on board.

“We are all learning a lot and really glad to have the help,” he said, “but I can see that we may need some additional training to really make this work.”

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