Book Trilogy Causes Surge in Desire for Billionaire Masters



The past year has seen an explosion of new women entering the local BDSM scene in Ann Arbor and nearby communities. Women who have traditionally sought out rich businessmen and CEOs are now on the market for “billionaire doms” or BDM (Billionaire Dominant Men).

The trend, spurred by the trilogy 50 Shades of Grey, has created a climate of brutal competition among women as well as a few new practices when seeking the dominant of their dreams.

“Before we do anything, I need to see at least 5 years of tax returns,” said PrincessKitty, 20.  “I am young and hot and and I want to get married.  But it has to be the right dominant.  I am willing to do pretty much anything for a guy who is worth anything over $100 million.”

“These women are crazy,” said Master Michael.  “Money doesn’t make you a good master or have anything to do with BDSM.  These women are ultimately in for disappointment.”

Michael refused to reveal his annual income to The Daily Flogger but one of the women interviewed described him as an LTSF, which stands for “less than six figures” making him an “undesirable catch for a girl like me.”

photo credit: Håkan Dahlström cc

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