The Evil Queen


You ranked as the Evil Fucking Queen.  You might think that is cool or whatever, but here is what it actually says about you.  You are mean.  Not in a fun or snarky kind of way, not in the way that people say “Oh they are so funny even if they are a little mean,” but more in the “people try to avoid you if they can” kind of way.  Why?  Because you are basically a bad person who no one cares about and cannot and will never love.  You are just an awful human being.  The kind of person who gives poison apples to people and recites narcissistic rants in the mirror.  You are generally pale skinned.  Maybe not in actual life, but on the inside.

We know, you thought this would be kind of cool and badass, like you are some evil dominant.  But no, you just have a soul full of garbage and a personality disorder that makes you unlovable.  By the way, personality disorders are usually things that can’t be fixed, even with therapy.

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