Adorable Disney Animal


Congratulations!  You scored as an adorable Disney animal.  Why?  Because it appears you have the IQ of one.  Maybe its because your parents got shot by a hunter like Bambi or maybe its because you are too stupid to fend for yourself, so you have to live in the woods like a fucking animal.  Sure, you can get by on your cuteness for a little while, but you will never find a real relationship.  You know why?  Because people don’t want to have long term relationships with fucking idiots.  Sure you will get some action now and again and lots of guys will tell you they “love” you, but that is just a way to get you to spread your legs and give them sex.

I am sure this whole “quiz” thing is very confusing to you.  You might even try to retake it to get a different answer, but you aren’t smart enough to figure out how all of this works, so it will keep coming back with the same results:  dumb. fucking. animal.